A Detailed Guide To Buying Salt And Pepper Diamonds

A stunning engagement ring with a dazzling diamond is a favorite choice for women of all ages. Although the traditional-style diamond solitaire rings have timeless value, modern couples look for something different. While some of them prefer geometric diamond shapes, others like the combination of other colorful gems with lab diamonds. But have you heard about salt and pepper diamonds? Also called imperfect diamonds, they had not gained the attention of brides and jewelers a few years ago.

You know that more than 99% of diamonds have internal flaws (inclusions). It is also true for salt and pepper diamonds. However, as they are very small, you cannot see them with your naked eyes. These imperfect stones do not have large, visible inclusions, and that’s why they affect the stone’s overall look.

Basics of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Inclusions in these diamonds are of different sizes, colors, and shapes. They are simple blemishes that may be cracks, clouds, feathers, chips, and carbon spots. You will find a combination of white and black inclusions (flaws). While Salt represents white inclusions, Pepper indicates black inclusions. That is why we refer to them as salt and pepper diamonds.

You may not find them sparkling brightly like other high-quality diamonds. Less light rays refract through the diamond stones. These stones have a mottled look with greyish and whitish parts. Thus, you will notice the unique look of these diamonds. However, nowadays, lots of brides like these imperfect diamonds for some reasons.

Is a salt and pepper diamond ring the right choice for you?

This ring is the best option when-

  • You desire a unique ring.
  • You need several design options.
  • You have a tight budget.
  • You never care about what others say about your diamond quality.
  • You do not like to stick to the latest trends.
  • You love some imperfections in your diamonds.
  • You want durable diamonds.

You can avoid buying salt and pepper rings when-

  • You are concerned about the brilliance of the stone.
  • You look for colorless diamonds.
  • Tradition is highly valuable to you.


Can We Consider Salt and Pepper Diamonds as Real Stones?

Although salt and pepper diamonds have imperfections, they are genuine diamonds. There is hardly any diamond, which has scientifically perfect designs. You can find mined diamonds with several imperfections. Thus, salt and pepper diamonds also have a blend of black-white inclusions. From every perspective, they are authentic diamonds. Diamond testers have tested them and found the desired result. The durability level is also 10 (on Mohs Scale), like that of the genuine diamonds.


Why Choose Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Have you visited a jewelry store and found a salt and pepper diamond ring? Then, hold the ring and check its attractive appeal. We have listed the reasons for which you can buy these diamonds.

  • A versatile choice- Salt and pepper diamonds can beautify rings of different designs, including contemporary and vintage ones. The rustic rings also look perfect with these diamonds. Thus, you may buy some high-end rings and adorn them with these dazzling stones. You can create a fashion statement with these diamonds.
  • No less attractive- You do not need to compromise the attractiveness of diamonds by choosing these stones full of inclusions.
  • Cost-effective diamonds- As salt and pepper diamonds have imperfections, you will get them at a reasonable price.
  • They are eco-friendly- You may have heard about unethical techniques used in the diamond and gems industry. You know that there is a need for high effort to take gems out of the mine. Still, salt and pepper diamonds are easily available. Thus, they are one of the sustainable stones for consumers.


Durability of Salt and Pepper Stones

We have already said that the hardness level of these stones on the Mohs scale is 10. Thus, they are one of the hardest gems used for jewelry. But, as they have lots of inclusions, they may be more brittle than other diamonds. Those inclusions can affect the stone integrity. Thus, you have to be careful while mounting salt and pepper diamonds to your ornaments. With proper care, these stones will last for several years.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaners to clean your salt and pepper stones, as they can cause cracks. Choose a soft brush with mild soap and maintain the brightness level of your stones.

Engagement ring designs embedded with salt and pepper diamonds

These salt and pepper diamonds look best with any ring style and setting. For instance, you can pair them with rose and yellow gold rings. The choice of the right metal colors helps in making the stone patterns more prominent. White gold ring settings also look attractive with your salt and pepper stones. Find a cool and contemporary design in your ring beautified with diamonds.

You may also choose a salt and pepper diamond as the central stone and use it with other small diamonds. It helps in making the diamond ring more brilliant. Create beautiful contrast to your engagement ring. Use a quality metal for the proper framing of your engagement ring.

As one of the discerned buyers, you have to check different qualities while buying your salt and pepper diamonds.

  • Clarity– Almost every diamond stone has an imperfection. A diamond with high clarity also has a few inclusions. But, these inclusions are common features for salt and pepper diamonds. You will find a consistent presence of white and black inclusions.
  • Color– As there are several black inclusions, these diamonds look gray and have a darkish hue. But, you will find variations based on the type and number of inclusions. The diamond’s body color also affects the overall look, as it ranges from gray and milky to colorless ones.
  • Cut and carat– Another important factor for your deal is the brilliance of the diamond. There are some fancy cuts with reduced brilliance. Moreover, you have to check the carat of your diamonds. The 4-carat models are much costly.

You can now buy the best salt and pepper diamonds by reading the comprehensive guide about them.

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