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Diamond Lovers is a leading manufacturer and supplier of top qualityΒ ethical loose diamonds. We specialize inΒ natural black diamonds,Β diamond beads,Β rough diamonds,Β salt and pepper diamondsΒ andΒ natural loose round clear diamonds.

We carry a large variety of diamonds of different colors, carats, sizes, cuts and value. Diamond Lovers is your reliable source of natural loose diamonds, ready for shipping.

Take a look at our most popular diamonds.

Natural Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are growing in popularity. They are a bold alternative for clear diamonds and an unique gemstone for non-traditional engagement rings.There are two types of black diamonds, the natural kind and the treated kind. A natural black diamond gets its distinct color from graphite inclusions. A treated black diamond is a white diamond that has been colored.

At Diamond Lovers we only offer the truly natural black diamond. The intense colour pairs beautifully with cooler metal tones such as silver, white gold and platinum.

Salt And Pepper Diamonds

The hottest new trend in precious gemstones are salt and pepper diamonds. These eye-catching one of a kind gemstones yet more readily available than clear diamonds.Salt and pepper diamonds get their trademark coloring from black and white inclusions. This type of diamond is easier to mine and available in larger volumes which for many people means they are the more ethical choice, too.

Diamond Lovers have long been a fan of salt and pepper diamonds which is why we offer you a wide range of options. Every single gemstone is unique.

Diamond Beads

If you are less interested in precious metals and prefer simpler jewelry styles then diamond beads are the perfect style for you. They come in many different colors giving you a more varied jewelry palette.Diamond beads are small diamonds without a setting. They are either left raw and uncut for a natural look or faceted for a more polished design.Diamond beads are beautiful yet budget-friendly.

Diamond Lovers creates the most wonderful beaded necklaces that are perfect for both fashion and educational purposes.

Variety Of Black Diamonds, Loose Diamonds, Uncut Diamonds & Diamond Beads at Affordable Price

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