The Opulent History of Gemstones in Royal Jewelry Collections

Ever wondered why gemstones have always been a symbol of power and wealth among royals? From the resplendent Crown Jewels of England to the dazzling treasures of ancient rulers, gemstones have adorned monarchs for centuries, signifying their divine right to rule. In this post, we’ll uncover the fascinating history behind these precious stones in royal […]

Unlocking the Hidden Meanings of Popular Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement rings are more than just beautiful pieces of jewelry; they carry deep meanings that often go unnoticed. Ever wondered why certain ring settings are more popular than others? They each tell a unique story, from the timeless elegance of the solitaire setting to the symbolic circle of life represented by the eternity band. Understanding […]

Why Some Diamonds Outshine Others: Unveiling the Secrets of Superior Sparkle

Ever wondered why some diamonds carry higher price tags than others? The secret lies in a mix of factors like rarity, quality, and market demand. Diamonds are graded based on the famous “4 Cs”—carat, cut, color, and clarity. A diamond’s worth skyrockets if it excels in all four categories. But it’s not just the technical […]

Unlock the Secrets of Your Birthstone: What It Means and Why It Matters

Ever wondered why your birthday month has its own special gemstone? Birthstones aren’t just pretty to look at; they come with rich histories and meanings that could reveal a lot about your character and destiny. From the courage of a diamond to the trust of a garnet, each stone tells a unique story. Curious to […]

Diamond Color Scale Chart GIA

Everyone has a different preference of color, but it applied specially when it comes to buying a Diamond. One must keep in mind that a Diamond lasts longer than any other stone, so you must take care of the color while buying a diamond. Diamonds are generally colorless, then how it gets colored? When crystals […]

Salt And Pepper Diamonds

A Detailed Guide To Buying Salt And Pepper Diamonds

A stunning engagement ring with a dazzling diamond is a favorite choice for women of all ages. Although the traditional-style diamond solitaire rings have timeless value, modern couples look for something different. While some of them prefer geometric diamond shapes, others like the combination of other colorful gems with lab diamonds. But have you heard […]

Diamond Shapes Chart

Different Types Of Diamond Shapes Chart

Purchasing a diamond is an energizing experience. Furnished with the correct information it is also straightforward and basic. The company Diamond Lovers has arranged everything the information you require to settle on the correct decision and to understand the wording used to describe diamonds, including the 4 C’s – Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Diamond […]

About Rough Diamonds

All You Need To Know About Rough Diamonds

Rough diamonds are diamonds that have not been cut, polished, or have experienced any cycle or treatment after they have been mined. They actually are as they are after they have been found in the earth. Rough diamonds are often referred to as uncut diamonds, raw diamonds, or precious stones. Rough diamonds, likewise called raw […]