Round Brilliant Cut
Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamond
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Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamond

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Diamond Type: Natural Black
Diamond Shape: Round
Color: Jet Black
Cut: Very Good
Treatment: Color Enhanced
Certification: No
Clarity: Opaque

Diamond Size:

0.01 ct >> 1.3 mm (approx) | 0.015 ct >> 1.5 mm (approx) | 0.02 ct >> 1.75 mm (approx) | 0.025 ct >> 1.8 mm (approx)
0.03 ct >> 2 mm (approx) | 0.04 ct >> 2.25 mm (approx) | 0.06 ct >> 2.5 mm (approx) | 0.08 ct >> 2.75 mm (approx)
0.11 ct >> 3 mm (approx) | 0.14 ct >> 3.25 mm (approx) | 0.17 ct >> 3.5 mm (approx) | 0.21 ct >> 3.75 mm (approx)
0.25 ct >> 4 mm (approx) | 0.28 ct >> 4.25 mm (approx) | 0.36 ct >> 4.5 mm (approx) | 0.44 ct >> 4.75 mm (approx)
0.5 ct >> 5 mm (approx) | 0.56 ct >> 5.25 mm (approx) | 0.66 ct >> 5.5 mm (approx) | 0.75 ct >> 5.75 mm (approx)
0.84 ct >> 6 mm (approx) | 0.93 ct >> 6.25 mm (approx) | 1 ct >> 6.5 mm (approx)

AAA Quality means it do not have any nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.
AA quality have very light nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.A quality has nicks/scratches or pots that is easily visible to naked eye.


Round Brilliant Cut Black Diamond is one of the most impressive shapes of the diamond. The round symbol represents the symbol of commitment. This shape consists of 58 facets because of the asymmetrical shape. There are plenty of things attached with the round brilliant cut black diamond that makes it popular. The brilliant-cut of black diamond generates light reflection that makes it brighter and more eye-catching compared to all other shape diamond. Round brilliant cut loose black diamond contains the high amount of premium for main two reasons: Demand and Rough Wastage.

Black diamond is one of the hardest gemstones compared to different other types of diamonds it never losses the shine. This type of diamond consist of powerful originality. If you have checked different types of diamonds like white, pink, blue, etc. and if you are not satisfied with them then try black diamond once. Round brilliant cut black loose diamond can make your engagement ring, pendent, earrings, necklace, or any other kind of jewellery attractive and stunning.

Diamond Lovers Offer:

Round Cut Loose Diamonds: If you compare the different types of diamonds with round cut loose diamond, you will find it more attractive and effective as well. This type of diamond consist of multiple facets and that helps to increase the brilliance level. Round cut loose diamond generates an impressive sparkle, brightness and fire. If you are looking for a diamond ring, then the black round cut diamond is the most suitable choice. Gift a piece of jewellery produced with a black diamond to your loved one.

Additional information

Diamond Weight

0.015ct, 0.01ct, 0.025ct, 0.02ct, 0.03ct, 0.04ct, 0.06ct, 0.08ct, 0.11ct, 0.14ct, 0.17ct, 0.21ct, 0.25ct, 0.28ct, 0.36ct, 0.44ct, 0.56ct, 0.5ct, 0.66ct, 0.75ct, 0.84ct, 0.93ct, 1ct

Diamond Quality



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