Pear Brilliant Cut Black Diamond

Pear Brilliant Cut Black Diamond

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Pear Brilliant Cut diamond is generally used for jewellery. And specifically, this diamond is used to make the engagement ring. This elegant pear brilliant-cut diamond can surely give a mesmerizing shape to your engagement ring. Competitive price and authentic quality.

Diamond Type: Natural Black
Diamond Shape: Pear
Color: Jet Black
Cut: Very Good
Treatment: Color Enhanced
Certification: No
Clarity: Opaque

Diamond Size: 0.50 ct >> 6×4 mm (approx) | 1.00 ct >> 7.7×5.7 mm (approx) | 2.00 ct >> 9×7 mm (approx) | 3.00 ct >> 11×8 mm (approx).

AAA Quality means it do not have any nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.
AA quality have very light nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.A quality has nicks/scratches or pots that is easily visible to naked eye.

Pear Brilliant Cut Loose Black Diamond is one of the most elegant and unique pieces that can make your piece of jewellery eye-catchy. The pear-shaped diamond is nothing but the modified version of a round brilliant cut diamond. In this type, one end needs to secure by a prong or bezel when worn in a ring setting. Pear-shaped diamond varies in length-to-width ratio and at the same time, this is a symmetrical diamond.

Would you like to make your diamond jewellery fancy and pleasing to the eye? Then we recommend you this fancy pear black diamond that can completely make your piece of jewellery royal one. We have provided multiple options so you can buy either 1 Carat or a 2 Carat pear brilliant-cut loose black diamond of AAA quality.

Use black diamond surrounded by white sparkling Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in the engagement ring, it will make a unique and well-designed piece of jewellery.

Diamond Lovers Offer:

Pear Brilliant Cut Loose Black Diamond:This type of diamond comes with multiple facets and that makes it the most famous and attractive one compared to other types. With round cut loose diamond, an individual can produce maximum sparkle, brightness and fire. If you love to wear diamond rings, black diamond is the most suitable option. You can also match your ring with earrings as well as a pendant or necklace.

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