Oval Brilliant Cut Black Diamond

Oval Brilliant Cut Black Diamond

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Black diamond stays always in demand but a new oval cut has completely changed the market. This type of black diamond is suitable for a wedding ring, promise ring, pendants, bangles, necklace, earrings, etc. Oval cut black diamond is very popular. Shop online. Authentic diamond quality at the best.

Diamond Type: Natural Black
Diamond Shape: Oval
Color: Jet Black
Cut: Very Good
Treatment: Color Enhanced
Certification: No
Clarity: Opaque

Diamond Size: 0.50 ct >> 6×4 mm (approx) | 1.00 ct >> 7.7×5.7 mm (approx) | 2.00 ct >> 9×7 mm (approx) | 3.00 ct >> 12×8 mm (approx)

AAA Quality means it do not have any nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.
AA quality have very light nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.A quality has nicks/scratches or pots that is easily visible to naked eye.

Colored diamonds come in a variety of types. Thanks to their bold, powerful appearance, black diamond has become one of several popular alternatives to conventional colorless diamonds and other centre stones for engagement rings and other jewellery.

In actual, the colour diamonds come in different types as well as varieties. But, black diamonds are bold, powerful and provide an attractive appearance. If you are looking for the most attractive alternative to colorless diamonds, then you should go with the black diamonds. This is the most impressive option an individual should go with.

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