Emerald Cut Black Diamond

Emerald Cut Black Diamond

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Emerald cut black diamond is nothing but the rectangular stone with a long, elegant face. This black diamond cut can provide a unique look to the jewellery. Shop black diamond emerald cut online at the most competitive price. One-stop diamond store to buy the genuine quality diamond from a range of options.

Diamond Type: Natural Black
Diamond Shape: Emerald
Color: Jet Black
Cut: Very Good
Treatment: Color Enhanced
Certification: No
Clarity: Opaque

Diamond Size: 0.50 ct >> 6×4 mm (approx) | 1.00 ct >> 7×5 mm (approx) | 2.00 ct >> 8.5×6.5 mm (approx) | 3.00 ct >> 10×7.5 mm (approx)

AAA Quality means it do not have any nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.
AA quality have very light nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.A quality has nicks/scratches or pots that is easily visible to naked eye.

Emerald cut diamonds are the type of step cut. In this type, the facets are parallel to one another and look like hall of mirrors. If you are choosing Emerald cut black diamond then it will provide a timeless look to your jewellery and will truly stand out in a crowd. You can use this type of diamond in different types of jewellery such as engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace, earrings, etc.

Most of the people choose the Emerald cut black diamond for an engagement ring because they are flattering on the hand as they elongate the finger. At Diamond Lovers, we choose only the finest diamonds for an emerald shape because the cut won’t hide common flaws such as inclusions.

Engagement rings have been in use for thousands of years. But year by year, so many changes have been implemented in such kind of rings. And today the engagement rings are the status symbol so an individual spends time as well as money to choose the most perfect ring for his loved one. Diamond Lover is one of the most authentic places to but diamonds online. We sell genuine quality diamonds at the most appropriate price.

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Emerald Cut Black Diamond: The centre stone Emerald cut black diamond play an important role while choosing it for the diamond ring or any other piece of jewellery. Diamond Lovers choose only high-quality diamonds for their customers. So without any kind of worries, you can choose the most authentic product online at the best price.

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