Marquise Cut Black Diamond

Marquise Cut Black Diamond

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Rings with black diamond Marquise cut generally appear like the pinnacle of luxury. Shop loose marquise cut black diamond and give an elegant look to your jewellery like a ring, necklace, pendant, etc. Buy Marquise cut black diamond online at the best price.

Diamond Type: Natural Black
Diamond Shape: Marquies
Color: Jet Black
Cut: Very Good
Treatment: Color Enhanced
Certification: No
Clarity: Opaque

Diamond Size: 0.50 ct >>. 8 X 4 mm (approx) | 1.00 ct >> 10 x 5 mm (approx) | 2.00 ct >> 13 x 6.5 mm (approx) | 3.00 ct >> 14 x 8 mm (approx)

AAA Quality means it do not have any nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.
AA quality have very light nicks/scratches or pots that is visible to naked eye.A quality has nicks/scratches or pots that is easily visible to naked eye.

Diamond Lovers is a leading online Diamond retailer where an individual can find a genuine quality diamond in different shapes, colours, sizes and grades. Are you planning for an engagement or wedding? Make your bond strong with our latest collection of beautiful diamonds.

Marquise is one of the most demanding diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. The ring with such kind of diamond always appears as the pinnacle of luxury. There is a story behind the name of “Marquise”. It was inspired by the Marquise of Pompadour’s perfectly-shaped mouth. In all the diamond shapes, Marquise consist of the largest top-view surface area. An engagement ring with Marquise cut black diamond will elongate the finger and flatter most hand shapes.

At Diamond Lovers, an individual can get the Marquise cut black diamonds in AA as well as AAA quality. No matter whether you are looking for an elegant diamond for Engagement & wedding ring, bands, bangles or earrings, we have the best collection available at our online diamond store.

Diamond Lovers Offer:

Marquise Cut Black Diamond: We are very strict when it comes to diamond selection. To provide the most beautiful piece of diamond to our customers, we analyse and research well before choosing any diamond cut. Marquise cut black diamond can completely change your look when you wear it with a beautiful black gown. A great finish and shine of this diamond provide a unique personality to the person who wears it. We have been dealing with diamonds for many years and our knowledge and expertise says that Marquise cut black diamond has the most beautiful shape for the engagement ring. So buy it now and give an amazing surprise to your loved one.

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