Faceted Black Diamond Beads

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At Diamond Lovers, we have the all the exquisite diamond, that sparkle and shine, each in their own way. Your eyes will be drawn to these Faceted Black Diamond Beads. Our store ensures that the symmetry and polish of the diamond are excellent. All of our black diamonds are polished, faceted and are beautifully crafted and highly noticeable. They have the most beautiful organised cut grade, like they have many flat faces. Our best seller is cut in a particular form having flat, planar surface ground onto Faceted Black Diamond Beads that make it exceptionally stunning. The shape is that of a crystal and provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond. When the pure reflections of lights raise on the diamonds, you can see the auspicious brightness. Our Faceted Black Diamond Beads glitter with a metallic kind of shine, instead of a refractive firework sparkle. You are gonna love them because they aren’t too flashy and in your face.

We made it in that way ladies, just like you, just for you.

Your diamond is polished and sparkling. It’s waiting to shine on you. Don’t hesitate. Have a crystal symbol on your pretty, glamorous beauty. Have an image of purity and the finest things. Make it your own now.

Oh, you are a man? A MAN, right? You want a diamond for your diamond. Get her the beads instead. Just like colourless diamonds, black diamonds symbolize eternal, flawless, and unchanging love, making them perfect for a diamond engagement ring also. Black diamonds are also associated with passion, action and energy. Black diamonds occur very rarely in nature and in fact they are even the rarest of all fancy coloured diamonds. Gift the rarest diamond to your one and only beauty.

We serve the best quality Faceted Black Diamonds in these beads. We make it by proper analysis and research at Diamond Lovers. So, you don’t have to worry about quality. We provide truly beautiful piece of excellency.

Wear the true beauty. Look stylish and important now.

Be more Beautiful and Show off the lavishness with us.


Diamond Shape: Rondelle – Cube – Pipe
Number of Diamonds: 95-197 (Approx in 10 CT)
Diamond Size: 2.0 – 3.0 MM
Diamond Type: NATURAL
Color: BLACK
Certification: NOT APPLICABLE

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