Black Diamonds

If you check the different types of colored diamonds, the black diamond will surely attract you towards its beauty. And if you check the records, you will find that in recent years the demand for black gems has been increased a lot for the engagement rings compared to other types of diamonds. The beauty and elegance of this diamond could surely put you in the situation that you can’t deny to buy it for yourself or loved ones.

All You Need To Know About the Rare Diamond – The Black Diamond

“What a magnificent black zircon you are wearing. I am so in love with its Emerald Cut.”

*Almost shouts as if someone has pulled out Larynx and Epiglottis* “Excuse me?!” *a prolonged silence as if a war is on the verge of getting started* “Do some homework. It’s a black diamond.”

*In a sarcastic voice as if she has caught a proclaimed offender in the cupboard and about to get a price equivalent to a rare diamond* “Give me a break lady. Do they even exist?” *Loud touches of laughter in the party hall*

When a lady Googles about the essential jewelry articles to own, a rare stone comes at the top. The same goes for the search of the essential gemstones to own. A transparent natural stone is recommended to be the first jewelry of any lady.

“It is rare, so it is expensive” – it is a myth. A myth having firm roots in all societies to keep the most graceful stone ever from reaching the beautiful neck of a lady. If not 1carat, you can go for 0.01 carat.

Let’s unveil the curtain. That’s rarely-formed-by-the-nature stone is Diamond, which due to its increasing demand, is not rare anymore.

When Colorless Gets Colored

Accepting a colorless beauty is easier than a colored one. Where the most get in envy with even the colorless spark of Diamond, the word “Black Diamond” is too much for them to bear. At this point, you must be like – “Are you serious”? Well… It is not your fault.

When anyone says the word diamond, the first thing that pops into hearers’ minds is a sparkling colorless and transparent stone. Hence, the word black diamond is actually like going on rebellion against the decades-old myth.

However, the fact is black diamonds do exist. They exist since the time of the colorless diamond, but they made it to markets and gain lots of “Wowwww!!!” a few years back.

The First Name

In the world of science of stones, science has given black diamonds the name of Carbonado. Though it is the real and first name, it is not that much used. So, it is better to call it a second name.

The Year of Popularity

The Black Diamonds have never been the darlings of all time. Your mind here demands proof, right? For that, go through writings of J. R. Sutton. He was a famous Jewellery writer who compared these exquisite black stones to ‘sealing wax.’ This “O’ Gosh!!!”comparison makes one wonder if he had ever seen the black diamond.

They were once the most neglected children in the jewelry industry. Their PR graph curve started to get curvier in the mid-1990s. The black diamonds own their existence in the top selves of the jewelry due to the clever jewelry designers of that time.

Their work was, in turn, shown heights by brilliant marketing campaigns. In the mid1990s, within no time, black diamonds went from inferior industry-grade-materials to the”boss” of the jewelry and all stones.

The Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of the black diamonds is the same as the chemical composition of colorless diamonds. They are a form of the polycrystalline diamond but an impure one. They are the toughest of all the diamond types. They are composed of:
 Amorphous Carbon
 Graphite
 Diamond – (yes, you read that right.)

From Colorless To a Black Entity

Generally, all diamonds are colorless initially. They become colored diamonds soon after getting impurities. Such impurities get in during the process of formation. They cause chemical reactions, which are responsible for the change and a touch of hue.

In the case of the natural black diamond, the number of impurities required is extremely high. These impurities make a colorless diamond a “black” diamond. The vital impurities required for the “black and opaque” process are:

 Microscopic graphite
 Sulfide inclusions, which is also known as called piques

 Microscopic graphite
 Sulfide inclusions, which is also known as called piques

Origin of Black Diamonds

If you are a lady, most of your overnight shifts are done to collect enough to gift a diamond to yourself. And if you a man reading this, you do so to get it for your lady.

That makes diamonds synonymous with efforts and hard work. As in love, these are what matter and not luxuries. That’s why, because of huge PR and popularity, there are various origin theories about black diamonds. Despite that, the correct origin is yet unknown.

That makes diamonds synonymous with efforts and hard work. As in love, these are what matter and not luxuries. That’s why, because of huge PR and popularity, there are various origin theories about black diamonds. Despite that, the correct origin is yet unknown.

The Pressure on the Earth Theory
When we are under pressure, our stress level and aka adrenaline levels increase. After reaching a certain limit, it gives a beautiful result in the form of a relaxed body, which is ready to sleep. In the same way, believers of this theory view that, under extreme pressure, the deep center of the earth gives the black beauty. Along with the pressure,intense heat is also the major factor.

The One-in-Centuries-Reaction Theory
Meteorite is something that happens in years. As an impact of it, a shock got formed years ago. That shocked forced metamorphism to happen. That’s what created the black diamond.

The Hub of Black Diamond

The black diamonds are not very commonly found around the world. They are rare to the extent that they are founds in regions of Brazil and Central Africa mainly.


A Question on the Reality of the Black Diamond

Many people think that black diamonds are not real. With some process, the professionals convert the white diamond into a black one. But, this is absolutely wrong. The black diamonds are real and they are available as raw black diamonds.

Black diamond has different types available. So if you are looking for a gorgeous black diamond product for your loved one, then you should have knowledge of these different types so that you can buy the most beautiful product.

Man-made black diamonds, natural black diamonds and treated black diamonds are the main three types of black diamonds. All these types of diamonds are real but still, there are too many differences in them. Let’s understand the types of black diamonds in deep.


Are Black Diamonds Fake?

Unless you are great jewelry and jewels enthusiastic, the whole talk about the black diamonds will sound fake to you. To tell which one is fake, the black diamonds are divided into fake categories:

What are types of black diamonds?

1) Natural Black Diamond:

These are the real form of black diamonds. There is not a 0.000001% impurity in their genuineness. These are mined. That process is carried out deep down the ground,which requires a lot of budgets. They are not formed every day, but a collection of them remains hidden somewhere deep inside the earth. They were formed over millions of years. These are the reasons they are very rare and extremely expensive.

The regular natural colored diamonds get the appropriate colours because of the impurities that are attached to them at the time of the formation process. In actual, black diamonds are just similar to white diamonds but because of the superior level of inclusions and clusters of graphite inside of them to the point that they simply appear black.

2) Treated Black Diamonds:

As the natural and real black diamonds are very valuable and rare, almost 80 to 86 % of the black beauties you see in the market are treated. Here the word treated means pure colorless diamonds are made to go through a lengthy process to evolve as the black majesty. As they are made up of very commonly found colorless transparent diamonds,they are affordable.The treatment process: To convert the transparent diamond into a black diamond, a pure colorless diamond is first taken. That transparent diamond taken is of the low quality. It is subjected to extreme heat, which is called irradiation. Irradiation makes the colorlessness vanished and gives it black reflections. The quantity of impurities is the real kingmaker. If it goes beyond a certain limit or excess, it cannot be used as a stone in the jewelry.

3) Man-made/Lab-Grown/Synthetic/Stimulant Black Diamond:

These diamonds are the same as the natural ones but only apparently and not in the chemical composition. They are created in labs from scratch. They are not formed by nature in over millions of years but in just a few days and often hours depending on techniques and technology used.

What are grades of black diamond?

Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight are the 4Cs are the main things used to provide the appropriate grade to the diamonds. Black diamond actually falls outside this colour range, and that’s why the colour is evaluated depending on GIA’s colour grading system for colored diamonds.

Black diamonds are generally not graded on the GIA clarity scale because these types of diamonds are opaque. Only a single term like “Fancy black diamond” is used to describe the black diamond because you can’t find too many variations in the tone and saturation unlike the other pink, yellow or blue diamonds. And for the same reason, GIA does not issue grading reports for these diamonds. GIA only issues Colored Diamond Identification and Original Report. The report provides information about the diamond and they are described as Black diamonds and they are noted as either natural or treated.

Clarity is graded in each diamond out there. The only expectation of this characteristic is the black diamonds. In them, the clarity is not graded. You must be wondering, “Why?!”Well… it is not hard to understand. These diamonds are heavily opaque, impure, and included. Hence, their clarity cannot be graded. Usually, retailers use the term “Clarity Omitted” when the talk is about the clarity of a black diamond.

In the market, most of the rule is of the 1-carat black diamonds. This heavily impure form of diamonds is denser than their colorless and pure counterparts. That is the reason that 1-carat black diamond is smaller than a 1-carat colorless diamond. If you have enough in your bank and want to buy a 4 to 5-carat piece, that is hard. Large natural black diamonds are extremely, extremely rare. If you spot a large black diamond, there is a 99.99% possibility that the said stone has been treated.

The greater the cut, the higher the price. Best the cut, best the brilliance and reflection.Well… that may be true for the transparent diamonds, but black diamonds love going on rebellion. Latter does not reflect light properly at all. They do not sparkle. They have a very subdued luster. Despite the said facts, these stones are cut in ways similar to all other gemstones. Like,

 Round Cut
 Princess Cut
 Cushion Cut
 Marquise Cut
 Pear Cut
 Heart or Cushion Cut

Point to remember: These stones are well known for being difficult to be cut. They are hard to be polished. That is so due to their structural patterns and sensitivity. They can easily crack and break apart during the cutting process, which is arduous and long. Very great expert craftsmanship is needed to bring out the best of these stones and handle them. Often, that also increases their price.

Are Black Diamonds Expensive?

It is not easy to get hands-on one who loves to go on rebellion repeatedly. That is true for the majestic black of the jewelry work. If we compare a 1-carat black diamond with a transparent diamond of the same size, there will be a difference of almost $4000.

Hence, it is difficult to get the hands of the black majesty. But… take a break. This rate is for the rare natural black diamonds. If you prefer heated black diamonds, they are much less expensive. They start at $300 per carat.

If you are a huge lover of black stones and a black diamond is beyond your budget, go for:

 Agate
 Onyx
 Black Zircon

If it is about who is going to appear more like a black diamond, its black zircon. Black zircon is a very reasonable stone. It is reasonable even more than agate or onyx.

Black Diamonds as an Investment

Sometimes, we secure our saving by purchasing jewelry and placing it in bank lockers.Sometimes, we act witty and invest in the jewelry world. In either case, you must never think about black diamonds. They are not recommended as an investment.

Black Diamonds in Engagement Rings

A black diamond as an engagement ring stone is not recommended at all. Black is not a feminine color. It is a very strong color and a symbol of confidence, independence, and non-conformity. Trying to adjust it with other colored or transparent stones is also tough.The clash of colors often gives a very striking look. So, be careful while designing a proposal ring for your girl.

How to care for black diamond?

The black diamond generally consists of thousands of microscopic fractures. As we know the diamond is prized for its higher level of hardness, the multiple fractures make black diamond highly vulnerable to breakage from sharp blows compared to colorless diamonds.

The process of cleaning the black diamond is similar to another delicate gemstone. Never use steam or ultrasonic cleaners that could cause heavy damage. Such kind of diamonds come with elegant beauty.

What to Keep in Mind while buying!

When shopping for a black diamond:
Step # 1
Always enter the jewelry store of a well-established and reputable vendor.

Step # 2
Google about the vendor’s after-sales customer service. After-sales services are very necessary when buying high-end products like black diamonds.

Step # 3
Ask the retailer whether it is rare and natural, or treated and heated, or synthetic one.

Step # 4
Always make sure to check and receive a certificate of authenticity. It needs to be from a third-party lab.

Step # 5
Priorities the certificate-brand. Usually, GIA is considered the right choice for the said process as it is consistent and very stringent while entrusting diamond certificates.

Keep in mind: GIA never issues analysis for treated diamonds.

Bottom Line
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Happy Black Diamond!